As the world advance in ageSo do generation change In the days of Aquinas the saintChildren are known to serve in the tent In the days of ShakespeareThey read, not even the mind they spare In the days of our fathers they play hide and seekAnd now what's under they seek To fill the gaps …

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‘Home is Not a Safe Place’

Wandering the solitude at home,My heart knackered faster,At the absence of everyone As a tempest uproot our kitchen,I hold fast to the door In trepidation,I ran to my room Abruptly I heard footstepApproaching me Snapping my room door,I cling to it,But a heavy pushedRender me restless Looking vulnerable on the ground,I felt an unusual touched …

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FADING BEAUTY | By: Odudu-God Ekan

The Woman's Plight Reality; the woman's fearOf losing her admired gloryStrongly straightly standing breastAnd her unforced dancing bombomHer life seems to be set in gearShe frowns at her age storyFor now, she's in-beauty dressedLike the white lady from London. Lost in the Web of her beautyAnd of unnumbered admirersShe walks feeling very cockyDeleting and adding …

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I’M A PRISONER | By: Okoroafor Onyekachi

Self made prisonerOf thoughts, and mindI'm a slave to my inner templeTo him unseen above my roof I'm a prisoner under this rainOf lost hope and corrupted brainA slave to people's governmentTo parasites of dedicated heroes I'm a prisoner like Mara painRestless foots all in vainI'm a self made slave to abstractsSight less sight to …

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Memories of Boyhood Boyhood didn't last long enoughBut like the blink of an eyeOur darkness meshed with brightnessAnd gave birth to sweet sights in balanceMaybe, boyhood lasted for just a weekAnd six of the seven, we were sick Boyhood didn't last long enoughOur girls were too shy, secretive and toughThey failed to appreciate the loveThat …

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I FIGHT FOR YOU | By: Membis Okorie C.

You might not see me in uniformMilitary rigaliaBoot and helmetBut know it my dear daughterThat your father is brave like a lionThough tender like the breezeYour father is stronger than stormsAnd have conquered a million warsLong before I met your mother I went into battle with gods and wonI gathered goddesses and tied them to …

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LOST BATTLE | By: Odudu-God Ekan

In Honour Of Our Gallant Heros In bleating sound of echoing guns,Unstopped to 'n' fro traveling of unseen bullets,And banging bashing smashing bombs.Those tympanicing clangs we shunned,Triggers pulled like mere crickets,The bloom was doomed for our tombs. Dashed fears,Caged Worries,Barricaded nervosity.To stinking littered corpes; we covered our nares,wiped our memories of home sweet stories,As we …

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MONEY: – LEGAL TENDER | By: Collins Joe

Money: A generally accepted means of exchange.A measurement of valueA legal tenderA social binding contract of entitlement to wealth.A social classifierWhen money speaks every other idea is put on hold.Money makes the world go roundMoney is indispensable. Money is vitalIt gives vitalityIt gives viabilityIt gives velocityIt gives veracityIt's a vitamin for healthy livingIt deficiency sickens …

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ENGLISH GRAMMAR REVIEW 02: The Correct Usage for “My name is… OR My names are…”

My name is….ORMy names are… is one of the challenging factor among English speaking persons while at the Verge of introducing his/herself to the masses. Ok!As simple as that may sound, few guys out there are confused on which one to use when introducing themselves. I watched a recorded video call by Mr. P, introducing …

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ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME | By: Membis Okorie C.

All girls are the sameThey come with sharp bladesSoaked with viper's vernomPush love into the brainAnd when you get insaneThey turn you to a walking dead Black girls aren't differentThey are same as WhiteOverdose comes in different coloursBut they all end up killing boys Beautiful faces with ugly heartsWho still have faith in love?All girls …

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RAPE IS EVIL | By: Olu Bestman

Verily, I say unto you,Sexual harassment is still loitering on our streets,Rape graduated from hungry and now made it greedy,Penetrating lives bitterly making them victims of the society Verily, I say unto you,The pictures of our loved ones are still beautifying the newspapers,Their crying voices still linger in our ears,But our government is filled with …

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English Grammar Review 01: -There is (will be) no school Tomorrow.

If you grew up in West Africa; and/or learnt English as a second language, then the above expression isn't strange to you. SCHOOLSchool is an institution for educating children, or where instruction is given in a particular discipline. Having that in mind, it means that the institution does not stop to exist when school's activities …

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“An African Child” – Reviewed

Born in affluence yet breathingThe worst of life situations. Vulnerably surviving that living becomesAn acceptable option of whatever happens. Our resilience and ingenuity, cheaply they Buried for streets selling and begging. Life successes have become a thing of hope For many hanging on the discretion of few. A night of sleeping as a child is …

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Guilt is the responsibility or awareness of wrong done.Repentance; to be sorry for sin as morally evil, and seek forgiveness, or to cease to love and practice sin.Both conviction and condemnation point that you have done wrong, but the direction they're leading you differs. Let me start by differentiating between voice of conviction and voice …

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WE CAN’T BREATHE | By: Tr Odudu-God Ekan

As we join forces with blacks in America,Let us not forget what is happening in Nigeria. Unemployment Like facemask,Has blocked our noses,And stopped us from breathing.We blacks have been given a difficult task,To survive on 'Yes sir!' to our Bosses,As the enjoy, kicking, beating, insulting and sacking.So,Let the Nigerian youths echo,Without any restrain say;"We Can't …

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humanityreligion rented your tentyou are left homelessat the mercy of corrosive rainlacerating sun humanityreligion rented your garmentyou are left bare helplesswith your body maimedby the arrows of lies humanityreligion has stolen your foodfeeding you with odiumsthat has left you grasping for breath



Addiction work at suppressing emotions.Alcohol suppresses fear.Nicotine suppresses anger.Marijuana suppresses sadness.Pleasure hides pain.Compulsivity hides anxiety.Fantasy hides shame.Depravation hides terror.And as far as other addictions are concerned - such as sex, masturbation, love, food, sugar, gambling, spending and codependency tends to hide one form of emotion or the other. Ironically, the very act of avoiding our …

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“I can’t breathe” | In memory of George Floyd

He called out to his Mom… Who died 2 years ago on this same day Handcuffed.Face Down.Knee on his neck.They did nothing. His nose bleed.His body trembled.He lost control of his bladder.They did nothing. He called the officer "Sir."They did nothing. He begged for his life.He begged for water.He begged for mercy.They did nothing. He …

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RAPED AND KILLED | By: Tr Odudu-God Ekan

Injury To One! Injury To All! Without any oita of fear,to God and to man,They shamelessly broke in."It's a sacrilage", they don't care.With locally made guns at hand,No one could make or say 'kpim',or voice their worries against their bullies. Not to steal,They came to kill.Not to robe,They came to rape. Her "please" was their …

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No be watin dem promise Bassey be this! (In Pidgin Language) He was told of the coshy jobs,That will be waiting,When he finally graduates.Only if he will come out top,After his final class rating,With a good certificate. Bassey never knewThat one dayHe will be Cutting GrassWith his First Class No be watin dem tell Affiong …

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INTRODUCTION Nationalism is one of the most disputed and controversial concepts in social sciences. This is due to the fact that the concept is heavily laden with ideological, religious, ethnic, racial and socio-economic emotional undercurrents. Indeed, nationalism has become a very powerful force in modern history. It could be described as a double-edged sword; it …



Happy International Children’s Day Celebration

MESSAGE FROM THE CEO OF LIMELIGHTLIBRARY ON THE 2020 INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION Apparently, children are the symbols of hope for a better future. It is so pathetic that 2020 children's day is not celebrated as it is supposed to be, due to the global disaster that ruins the system of Nations worldwide which happens …

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