MAGICAL SMILE | By: Okoroafor Onyekachi

Magical smile

I may not know how to smile,
I’ve lost the magic years back
Thousand times I’ve tried,
Yet my nature held me captive
They said it’s my temperament
The chain can’t be easily broken

It has been my dream to smile a while
More I tried countless I failed
I’m just like a bird that lost its wings
Like a tortoise when its shell gone astray
I hope to divorce this union a day
To wear my magical smile as mask

Don’t slay with your inner thoughts
For I’m less strong as I appears on surface
Rather have my stars blame
And my moon that betrayed me at night
My sun taught me how to bath with tears
For it has always been my dream to smile

I am a student who is ever ready to learn
Teach me how to smile and dance
Teach me how to laugh when I’m sad
Teach me there can be glory in failure
Teach me how to holds my dreams like pen
And gaily work towards my goal

I’ve lost my magical smile
And sold them without taken a dime
But I’m now ready to learn
Correct my wrong doings with gales of laughter
Teach me how to open my teeth
And allow my real self unveil
for it has been my dream to smile a while.

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