Things about Rape you may not know!

When it comes to issues of rape, it is pertinent one chooses his or her language carefully because on this matter anything you say can be easily misconstrued. You have to take a definite stand, either you’re for or against it; there’s no middle ground on the issue of rape. On rape issues, I want to state categorically that I am against rape in it’s entirety.

Now, let’s look at some very pertinent issues as we try to find solutions to this issue. Why do people rape others? I would say there’s no justifiable reason why anyone should rape anyone. Another question is, what gives a rapist the confidence to rape repeatedly considering the punishments they might face if caught? I read a post recently about a man who has raped over 18 girls and hasn’t stopped or repented of the act. People know he’s a rapist but no one has done about it. Why?

To answer that question, I’m going to take you around certain settings and structure; there’s going to be a bit of wordplay here so pay attention.

What influences our lives most as we grow up? One can only think of two things; the society (where we live) and the religious institutions (that teaches us how to live so we can make it to the afterlife).

Let’s look at our society today. We live in a society where if a girl is raped by her uncle and she reports to her parents, the parents will be the one to shut her up; explaining to her how it becoming public knowledge will disintegrate the extended family and bring shame on them. So, they choose family unity over the physical and psychological health of their kid thus emboldening the rapist to continuously grow and repeat the act. Pathetic right? If the number of kids going through this acts should come public with their experiences you’ll be bewildered. As a matter of fact; some are grown ups now and are still being subjected to this same acts by relatives they’re staying with.

Our religious institutions are no different. Do you know we believe so much in our churches, mosques etc so much that we let a lot of things slide. These places are supposed to be sacred places for crying out loud. Let’s look at this, the Uniben student that was raped and murdered in the church; do you think she didn’t feel safe in there? She trusted the safe and sacred nature of the church and most importantly the PEOPLE in the church. Do you think she was raped by a stranger? I doubt that very much.

Truth is, I wouldn’t want to put a percentage to it but you should know that some of our religious institutions are involved in thousands of rape cover up cases Nationwide and beyond. I wouldn’t want to mention churches but look it up at your spare time. Prophets, Pastors, Priests, Imams have been molesting and raping innocent male/female children as far back as the 80s and our beloved churches in collaboration with the families of the children helped cover it up. Highest the church will do is to transfer such a shepherd to another location where he’ll have a new crop to feed his appetite. There are documentaries, newspaper reports and even movies to corroborate this.

What I’m trying to say here is, we’re not just up against a rapist with evil desires, but a SYSTEM that shields them. This system has been in place for ages and deeply rooted in the institutions we LOVE and WORSHIP; the family and the churches/mosques. The government too because our social services system is so poor, so if a child is threatened by the parents to stay quiet and he/she disobeys and is disowned, can our social system cater for the child?

Now the big question is, how do we fight the system?

I believe it is time to really work with our lawmakers in state and the federal level. They’re not just there for their pockets, we sent them there, contrary to what you might think, they’re there to do our biddings not the other way around. If pressure is mounted on the lawmakers from all angles, I believe legislation will be put in place to curtail the incessant upsurge in rape cases.
Secondly, we need lawyers with integrity. Because some of them complicit on this issue. They act as middle men, striking deals and letting rapists go free. I believe with the few suggestions above, humanity has a shot at the system.

Thank you!!

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