ENGLISH GRAMMAR REVIEW 02: The Correct Usage for “My name is… OR My names are…”

My name is….
My names are…
is one of the challenging factor among English speaking persons while at the Verge of introducing his/herself to the masses.

As simple as that may sound, few guys out there are confused on which one to use when introducing themselves. I watched a recorded video call by Mr. P, introducing himself to one of the Zoomlife winners, as below:
✖ “My names are Peter Okoye…”

This post will address the proper one to use, and when.

Everything under the sun has a name. This includes even the flowers we stop to smell; and humans are no exception.

Undoubtedly, humans are single entities. And as a single person, you bear just a name. Thus, your formal name can be the combination of two or three names. These are your surname, first name and/or middle name.

✔My name is James Ebong Akpan
✔My name is Effiong Okon Archibong
✔ My name is Ikwo Etim
✖ My names are Peter Paul Okoye

✔ I am by name, Effiong Paul.

✔ My names are Elijah, Bassey, Ete and Shane.
My name is Elijah. I am Bassey to my mother, Grandpa simply calls me Ete; but my friends prefer Shane.

The above should only be used informally. When there’s no point explaining how come you have these different names, please use “my name is…”

Another point
✖ The names of my school are College of Education, Afaha Nsit
✔ The name of my school is College of Education, Afaha Nsit.

Note that, it is the combination of these names, surname, first name and/or, middle name that forms your name. Even when introducing yourself in an African way, please stick to “my name is…”
My name is James Idara Ekarika Udo-Idiok Akpan Ekpo.

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