I FIGHT FOR YOU | By: Membis Okorie C.

You might not see me in uniform
Military rigalia
Boot and helmet
But know it my dear daughter
That your father is brave like a lion
Though tender like the breeze
Your father is stronger than storms
And have conquered a million wars
Long before I met your mother

I went into battle with gods and won
I gathered goddesses and tied them to a wood
And when the giant tree stood on my way
I held it by its root and uprooted it
All these I did
Without an axe or machete
But with the magic of my mind

Not all soldiers wear dogtag
Not all warriors carry weapons
Not all heros look honourable
I am the one who fights for you
So salute me even in my grave

Ten thousand arrows and I gave my back
With smiles on my face
To prove my love for you
For you worth more than life to me
And there is nothing I can’t sacrifice for you

I bless you with kola in my prayers
And when I communicate with my ancestors
I tell them never to let the sun melt your skin
Or the rain to wash away your joy

I pray and give you all my blessings
That you shall flourish like wild flowers
And triumph in the midst of all dangers
Yes, I fight for you in a numberless ways

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