They are just sadist
Some people are just sadist
They can never for a reason smile, even when they have every cause to..
rather they prefer their face in it’s ugly nature and bitter at heart…why??

They are just sadist
They prefer to die with their burden
Than discuss with people around, forgetting ‘a problem discussed is a problem half solved’ and when it hurts them, they get mad at anybody around

They are sadist
They hate see people laugh loud (LoL)
They dislike craze ones like me when I display my crazy character

They derive joy in other peoples pain
They like to see us pinch
They are aggressive
They are opposite to masochist…what a disease!!

Learn to smile like LimelightLibrary CEO
A happy person is nobody’s foe, sadist
A happy person tends to get more fortunes in life, sadist
A happy person is a billionaire, a billionaire is a happy person.

From my little smiley head!!

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