Memories of Boyhood

Boyhood didn’t last long enough
But like the blink of an eye
Our darkness meshed with brightness
And gave birth to sweet sights in balance
Maybe, boyhood lasted for just a week
And six of the seven, we were sick

Boyhood didn’t last long enough
Our girls were too shy, secretive and tough
They failed to appreciate the love
That was spreading wings like the dove
So sad it ended without a kiss or hug

Yet, boyhood was full of fun
Yes, we worried about nothing
And we were never scared of puberty
That wasn’t a mystery when we walked in
Because we were eighteen before thirteen
Yes, we watched all those movies
And viewed all those pictures

Do not fly the kite under the rain
Don’t let the girls know you are in pain
But most importantly
Never fight with the boy who brings the ball
Just laugh when he make fun of you
For that is the secret of playing the game

We went swimming and nearly drowned
We risked it all to be called the bravest
We created our paths through the bushes
Trapped bush meats and dined like kings
Yet, we so much miss the mud and hood
For boyhood didn’t last long enough

Were boyhood to last longer than it did
Were we aware we would be separated
By dreams and goals of adulthood
We would have made the best out of boyhood
Take pictures and spend more time together
Joking and making fun of ourselves

Ikechukwu slept before we turned sixteen
We pray his soul to rest in peace
But if we are to gather again without him
We will cheer to him and be boys again
We will talk about years we have spent apart
We will bring those sweet memories back
And call each other names that provoked us
For boys although now gentlemen
We will forever be boys

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