Addiction work at suppressing emotions.
Alcohol suppresses fear.
Nicotine suppresses anger.
Marijuana suppresses sadness.
Pleasure hides pain.
Compulsivity hides anxiety.
Fantasy hides shame.
Depravation hides terror.
And as far as other addictions are concerned – such as sex, masturbation, love, food, sugar, gambling, spending and codependency tends to hide one form of emotion or the other.

Ironically, the very act of avoiding our negative emotions gives them the power to control our lives.

Therefore, the only way to stop an addiction is #TO_FACE_YOUR_EMOTION!
Your emotion is the main enemy behind that addiction. Stop being a coward by thinking you cannot break that bond, make bold to face your emotion.

Remember what the addiction does is to keep the real culprit on a low level. It’s not a cure to what triggers the addiction. It only mask the the pain you are trying to avoid, giving you a false relief, but double your woes later on.

Just as you can not clean yourself unless you remove your clothes. So also you can not heal unless you break your addictions.

Codependency is when your can not say No to Others.

Addiction is when you can not say NO to yourself.
You own the master key to your life, so shut that door against that bad habit that is eating you up. Shut that door against that person or thing you can’t say No to!

There’s no enough excuse to be held captive in your addictions.

Your addiction is a product of your willingness.

Your willingness to continue is a product of your unforgetfulness about the addiction.
Your unforgetfulness is the bane for your captivity.

To break up with addiction you need to find someone who you will be faithfully accountable to anytime you break the rules.

There are no fast rules to overcoming addiction order than a strong will and determination to quit.

Through discipline and determination almost all thing is possible.

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