‘Home is Not a Safe Place’

Wandering the solitude at home,
My heart knackered faster,
At the absence of everyone

As a tempest uproot our kitchen,
I hold fast to the door

In trepidation,
I ran to my room

Abruptly I heard footstep
Approaching me

Snapping my room door,
I cling to it,
But a heavy pushed
Render me restless

Looking vulnerable on the ground,
I felt an unusual touched

In a loud scream,
My voice was swallowed by pillars,
With my clothes being rend,
Pulling my legs apart
And my body being abused sexually

In anguished ,
I hit on his head
And ran leaving home

With this everlasting memories,
I can’t return home
Cause it’s not safe

The streets are painting darkness,
When the night thrilled in silence,
But I have become a prisoner,
Cause home is a wild beast

Home is a place of abuse,
I guess my bed sheets are missing me,
My mirror crying to view picture of me,
Even my books feel unwanted

Abuse is not only loitering on those streets,
He comes smiling ridiculously in my home,
Throwing my legs apart happily,
And my body has now become a forceful penetration

Cause home is not safe any longer

© Olive Josephine Robertson & Edwin Olu Bestman

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