SWEET DISTRACTION | By: Membis Okorie C.

Having you with me
Feels like conquering the whole world
And looking at your pictures
Shows me beauty I never knew existed

That first glance of you
Brought me back to life
Then your words healed my wounds
Melted my soul and took away my senses

Like morning rays on sprouting roses
You beautify every moment
And like evening stars on the roof top
You make my world a colourful place to be

I’ve missed you so much than I can tell
I tired to hide this feelings but they overpower me
So I let them flow through every word
Because I’ve come to love you without an end

That first glance of you
Then I touched your hands
Feeling the cold edges and warm sensation
I knew there are more to what we can be

I am not the first to tell you you are beautiful
But I want to be the one to say it differently
The one to say it every minute of the day
And the one to make you feel wonderful

Look through the clouds and count my love
It is every thing that twinkles above
Spread your arms to the length they can reach
Never can you get to the edge of my emotions.

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