Where went thee?
Dearest Miracle
Who called thee?
When mostly needed
Why must this call,
Be answered this noon
Who gave us this wine?
Full of blue mimosa

Our burdens you took,
Upon your head like hair.
Again we ask “why now”
What happened to the future?
You told us it’s brighter than sun
What happened to AIFCE?
What should we tell them?

You leave us here
Without saying bye
When we thought,
This is a mere play
Why this rough tricks?
Oh why you?
“Enemy at dawn”

Dearest Miracle
Do know we love you
Though our little plate
Has been broken
By enemy at dawn
But in spirit and soul
From sunrise to its setting
It will forever magnet
For what binds us together,
is stronger than what death thought
Rest in peace Miracle!
NASELS miss you
AIFCE Love you
Hope to meet you again
In that place
Where sickness owns no room
Till then, we say “goodbye” .

One thought on “ENEMY AT DAWN

  1. Rest in Peace is had to say.

    Light fades as you live this earth not as a result of the trending & deathly pandemic –

    Its pains to realise that you are no more.
    We all will miss you
    No more fun charting
    Sleep on our dear!!!

    Till we meet to path no more.



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