FADING BEAUTY | By: Odudu-God Ekan

The Woman’s Plight

Reality; the woman’s fear
Of losing her admired glory
Strongly straightly standing breast
And her unforced dancing bombom
Her life seems to be set in gear
She frowns at her age story
For now, she’s in-beauty dressed
Like the white lady from London.

Lost in the Web of her beauty
And of unnumbered admirers
She walks feeling very cocky
Deleting and adding new friends
Her beauty stoled her humility
A capital NO to the brothers
With talk of being lucky
She laughingly count her gains.

Deceived by her dexterous intelligence
And clouded by craving caging carrier
With talk of being independent
She dashes every patches in batches
Cut out by untold pretence
And her work; the barrier
Boost of being content
Seeing them in catches flashes clashes.

Finally, Mary, Marie and Miracle
Where naturally nuptially nupped
While Sifon, Utitofon, Mfoniso
Circulating Coloured correlated cards
wished to be the one in the wedding penacle
Tears of being destiny day-robbed
Singing painful heart-breaking songs
Regretting accepting taking this paths.

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