I’M A PRISONER | By: Okoroafor Onyekachi

Self made prisoner
Of thoughts, and mind
I’m a slave to my inner temple
To him unseen above my roof

I’m a prisoner under this rain
Of lost hope and corrupted brain
A slave to people’s government
To parasites of dedicated heroes

I’m a prisoner like Mara pain
Restless foots all in vain
I’m a self made slave to abstracts
Sight less sight to unseen daily

I’m a prisoner of four letter word
Most powerful killer and healer
I’m a slave to my emotions
How shameful is my confession?

I represent modern slavery
I bears their mark as name
A slave to nature and humanity
Unapologetic prisoner of my skin

Slaves don’t smile, I stole their coat
A prisoner hopes to be free, but I don’t
I want to be a slave to him above
A sailor in the sea of Art and Humanity.

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