Does My Past Matter in A New Relationship?

Yes, it does matter! Depending on the nature of the person you get involved with.
Some partners are always with a digger to dig up your ugly past. They will always remind you of the ugly past at the slightest provocation.

In as much as openness and sincerity is important in a relationship, ensure your partner is holding a shovel to cover and bury your past and not a digger to dig it up before you divulge your past.
Study the psychology of the person before divulging your past. It will be foolishness to meet a person today and you start narrating all your life history to the person.
Take time to know your partner and tell your past bit by bit. If he/she is interested he/she will stay.
Don’t allow the fear of unknown makes you cover up a vital information about your past.

This is one of the reasons why singles should be careful of the kind of life they lead in their single years.
The sand of time does not cover all your past errors. The fact that something is in the past doesn’t mean it never happened and it should be totally buried and forgotten.
It is better you deliberately open the ugly past than allow your partner find out. The effect and reaction is always more compared to when you expose the past yourself.

Imagine a person that had a child and hid it from the partner, for how long will this remain a secret? This will be revealed one day and it might not meet your partner in good faith. A lady sometimes ago was at the verge of losing her marriage, because she said she forgot telling her husband she had a child before marriage.
A person who has had series of abortions and damaged the womb need not hide this kind of secret, because it will be revealed if you have problems with child birth.
A man who is a criminal or an exe convict need not hide this kind of past, because you never can tell when it will be revealed to your partner.

Another advantage of telling your past is that it will make you free from blackmailers. The person with the record of your ugly past might use that as an avenue to blackmail and cash out on you. For this reason, it is better you tell your partner of your ugly past so as to be free of blackmail.

Finally, if you have an ugly past, carefully expose it.
Make it a place of reference and never a place of residence.
Make peace with God and yourself and refused to regret of confessing or exposing your ugly past.

Scripted By: Collins Joe

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