Discovering and Fulfilling your Life PURPOSE – By Collins Joe

Life’s purpose is life’s aim, goal, or target to be reached. It is also acquainting and aligning yourself with God’s will for your life.

Everyone created by God is created with a purpose to be fulfilled. There are general purpose which is a common factor among everybody and there is also a specific purpose for each life.

The general purposes are building a career, having a family, bearing children and others, these are common purposes for existence.

May I tell you this, that your purpose of existence is not to become just a professional, not just to be a Doctor, Scientist, Engineer, Journalist or a lawyer. These are professions, and if you decide to follow these professions, your main purpose is to use it as a medium to positively affect humanity and impact life.

The onus now lies on you to pry and discover your specific or personal purpose of existence.
Let’s take Jesus Christ as an example, is main purpose of coming to this world is to save his people from their sins (Mat. 1:21). Moses purpose was to deliver the Israelites from the Egyptian captivity and David’s purpose was to fight the enemy of the Lord. The most interesting thing is that they all fulfilled their purpose of existence. I pray the Lord help us all to discover and fulfill our purpose.

Now, let’s consider how you can discover and fulfill your own life’s purpose.

  1. Prayer
    Prayer as we all know is talking to God. There is a need to enquire the giver of life about your life’s purpose. He alone has the master plan and can guide you appropriately.
    So the first step in knowing your purpose is to pray to God and make sure you hear from him.
    Many may say I don’t know how to hear from God, God speaks in sundry ways, just pay a close attention to your inner mind, he will speak to you. Also pay attention to your intuition. Write down those things that comes to your mind after prayer. Pray on them again, before you know it, both the vision and the audibility will become clearer.
  2. Passion
    Ask yourself what am I passionate about doing? What is that thing that I find easy to do without struggling or stressing? What is that thing that I do with little or no much effort? Once you have known the answer to these questions, then move forward to match what you heard from God in prayer.
    If it is noble, impacting and worth all your energy, then vigorously pursue it. The importance of passion is that it will serve as the propelling force when your natural strength is failing you. There is an intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) passion. The one that should drive you to pursue your purpose is the intrinsic, because external motivation or passion doesn’t last long, it fades away when the going gets tougher.
  3. People
    People can also help you discover your life’s purpose. There may be some hidden and unknown talents worth harnessing that you might not naturally see yourself, people seeing you might be the one to point your attention to it, and if fully harnessed, it could just be the tweak that you need to lunch you into a new realm. I urge you to pay a close attention to the positive feedback you get from people, your purpose might be hidden there in.
    Just as people can help you discover your purpose, you also need people to fulfill the purpose. Keep utilizing the feedback mechanism and work on your deficiencies.
  4. Prepare
    Having known your purpose, there is now need for you to align and pool all your resources and put in a serious preparation towards fulfilling your purpose.
    It is often said that a proper preparation prevents poor performance. If you don’t prepare, you will fail woefully, no matter how promising your purpose may look like.
    Until you develop yourself secretly before you can gain a public approval. Jesus spent the better part of his life in the secret preparing and developing himself before gaining the public approval, same with Moses and David.
    I think we can borrow a leaf from these heroes by patterning our life like them. Make sure you take a step towards your purpose.
  5. Possess
    Once you have gotten a clearer view about your life’s purpose. The next thing is to take ownership or control of the purpose. But in doing this, you don’t have to overhaul your life in a single day. Keep possessing and moving towards the goal every passing day. Remember your purpose is your guiding compass, any day you don’t do anything to contribute to your betterment, it is a wasted day. So daily take possession of the day’s portion towards the bigger and better you.
    If your purpose is to encourage the down trodden, make sure you motivate at least a soul every day, if yours is to teach, make sure you teach every day, if yours is to preach, make sure you do it whole heatedly.

I like to balance up my writing, so as not to be one sided…
Let’s briefly see those who didn’t fulfilled their God’s given purpose.

As important as knowing and fulfilling one’s purpose is, do you know that you can miss or abuse your purpose in life?

Samson even before his birth, an angel proclaimed that his purpose was to deliver his people from captivity, but he abused the purpose and he paid dearly for it. The saddest thing is that he left Israel without a judge, because after his death, it was recorded that everyone does that which pleases them, giving rise to lawlessness. The bitter thing is that if you don’t optimize your purpose, not only you will suffer for it, but all the lives you were destined to affect.

Another bad experience of someone who didn’t fulfilled his purpose is Jeroboam. God gave him 10 tribes of Israel on the plater of gold, but he went ahead to blow it with Idolatry. This singular act laid a bad precedence of Idolatry in the nation of Israel which every king that succeeded him practiced.

Time will fail me to talk about Judas, who had the golden opportunity to be an apostle and could have had his name written in the foundation of heaven, but he allowed sheer greed to rob him of his glorious future.

If you consider all these three characters carefully, you will see self will, self management and selfishness as a common factor among them.

This tells us that self is an enemy of fulfilling your purpose, so you need to continuously crucify self. Don’t let it distract you from your God’s given purpose.
Self can manifest in form of lust, as in the case of Samson. Starting a relationship at this your tender age, is going to be a barrier to fulfilling your purpose in life.

Self can manifest in form of idolatry like Jeroboam. Anything you prefer or place above God is an idol. It could be your beauty, money or wisdom.

Self can manifest in form of selfishness like Judas. You risk all if you become too greedy, learn to share the little things that you have.

God hates wastage, as a result of this, he is going to require what we all deed with our talent and the purpose we were meant to fulfill.
Tell yourself this: I will not die purposeless, I won’t be buried with my purpose and with what I am supposed to use to affect humanity.

In conclusion, there is joy in living and fulfilling your purpose, I urge you to try by all means to discover your own personal purpose of creation.
You also need a strong faith in God and in yourself for you to fulfill your life’s purpose. Because a life without Faith is a life without future.
May God help us all to positively affect and influence our generation.

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