Efficacy of GRACE

A free free gift from God
An is the grace.
A never dryundeserved favor of God
Boundless and immeasurableing fountain where the vilest can vent.

Grace is Unmerited
Unmerited yet accessible
Unmerited yet affordable
Unmerited yet available
Unmerited yet approachable
Unmerited yet allowable
There’s grace for you

Grace is Divine
A rare cord binding humanity with divinity
It brings humanity closer to the revered divinity
In its absence divinity becomes a terror to humanity
Its brings celestial benevolence to the terrestrial
There’s grace for you

Grace is a divine Assistance
It assist humanity against the impossible (sin)
It makes easier what the law couldn’t do
It makes resisting sin an easy task
Grace strip sin of its potency
There is grace for you

Grace gives Allowance
It gives the debtor(sinner) a space of time to reconcile with his creditor (God)
It delays judgement just to save some few
It makes man a friend of God
There’s still grace for you

It’s a…
Patient grace
Pardoning grace
Precious grace
Preserving grace
Persevering grace
Perfect grace

Oh! What a…
Wonderful grace
Wondrous grace
Winning grace
Willing grace
Worthy grace
Witty grace
Weighty grace

It’s a…
Matchless grace
Master’s grace
Marvelous grace
Mature grace
Merciful grace
Meritorious grace
Miraculous grace

It’s also a…
Seeking grace
Saving grace
Sanctifying grace
Spirit filling grace
Sufficient grace
Super grace
Surplus grace
Super surplus grace

Oh! an…
Inexhaustible grace
Indefatigable grace
Inexcusable grace
Infilling grace
Indwelling grace
Insurmountable grace

Grace is time bound
Grace won’t last forever
Just as no one lives forever
Now is the time to explore and get emancipated by this grace.

The grace of God that brings Salvation has appeared unto all men, but not all men have accepted his grace. Jesus is the grace of God. Have you accepted him?
Don’t procrastinate further, today is still the day of grace.

This grace cost him is life on the cross
And on the cross he says: it is finish
He became a lifeless guest in the grave just for this grace
He ascended to heaven just to be a guardianship of grace.

Accept the grace
Abide in the grace
Act by the grace
Associate with the grace
Align with the grace
Allow the grace control you

Be a product of grace.
Grace is not a license to continue in sin.
May we not run out of his grace.

Scripted By: Collins Joseph

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