You cribbed into my thoughts with your words
And that made my heart to lost its confidence
To always swims within the hills and valleys of your tongue

Though my heart was without a means of identification
All because its broken parts can’t be matched when gathered
But, you used words and cares to glue them together

The life that was torn and left for the tornado to whirl and swirl into the hungry ocean,
Became a growing tree full of smiles and laughter of blossom flowers
And I had never for once remembered to ask you: “what were your intentions?”

So, I gave up all doubts about you by making my faith to have a face
And my hope in you, to begin to walk side-side with me
All because you let me believe the never you that became you in my head

Though I threw myself to you for your pleasure
And you put on me a mirage of happiness
By making me think that you were created for my existences and measures

My body, heart, mind and soul became yours
And you wear them to any length of your actions of displeasures
But that I care less because the whole of me had already been chained to your desires

I have allowed all you seek to come to pass because of, ‘I love you’
But I will prefer the movement of my death to meet me soonest before my time
Than to allow you use me as feed to feed your friend’s corks.

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