Slay Queens, like we usually call them, are the only queens with no visible crown. she wears it on her heart, her heart she speaks out loud to anyone, anyone who dares her feelings, she’s not like you, You who crushes a guy forever but never tells him.

Her lies are like the curls on your head, wavy, sexy but never settles. Her eyes wrestles together like pencil lights that shines but never see. Her body, like an ocean that everyone dives in without permission but never stays.

Everywhere she steps, she’s got guys crawling at her feet requesting for number or Facebook names. whenever she steps in, she creates a scene. She a goddess where there are kings and queens.

She’s an actress, a musician, comedian, her fear for God has made her a humanitarian. She knows something about everything because you know, as a queen she has people willing to give her information on everything.

She dignifies her body with latest cloths a now wears the perform of attention. She’s one copy though she copys, copys the style of models, Life and death has been placed on her tongue but she chose to speak live into everyone.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Beyonce, these are slay queens, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Hilary Clinton, Nyomah Gboweh are all queens that slayes, Slay as the Nobel peace prize winner, slay as the first black female president.

So I want to ask, Are you a slay queen?

Scripted By: Ahmad Sarnor

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