‘End Time’

His sermons are like earthquake
Shaking members’ emotions on
sunday morning
For his words penetrate hearts like
a spear

He sings, jumps and roars
Moves his hands like a kung fu master
And church sister “Mary” falls beneath his zipper to swallow blessings

A snake crawling silently at every
night club
Popping bottles and kissing new
church members
A new type of deliverance has begun

He smokes, rubs and dances to
every love song
But sunday he dresses up in coat suit
and neck tie
Neglecting and forbidden the other side
of life

For the weekend, he’s a monster at
samoa bar
Jamming to ‘Tumba in the ragga’
and ‘Trap Anthem’
Jumping excitingly from one corner
to another

A goat with a color of a beautiful sheep
A man whose words are ‘Do what I say but don’t do what I do’
He’s a fan of big buttocks and round titties

Scripted By: Olu Bestman

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