I dare you now!
Book again a trip ticket,
to your loved place; China!
Where hospitals are well built,
And personnels well paid.
Pack! Get ready to again leave town.
While you yet leave, pay for your casket.
Why not build a China-like hospitals in Nigeria,
And save yourself from this tormenting self guilt?

I dare you again!
Like you did before,
request now a trip to London.
To be treated by doctors,
And dangling dancing damsels.
Tell us now what has been your gain,
Patronizing there and turning here into patent stores?
Why now cliff to this place you once called dungeon?

Oh! Mp
I dare you!
To travel out.
Choose from USA or Italy.
As usual; use tax payers money.
Do go with your band of misfits.
Just to clear your doubts,
Even your doctors are searching for help finally.
And those they treated died; so many,
Waiting to be lowered below; 6 fit.

Scripted By: Odudu Ekan

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