In Deep Pain Dance (Nigeria @59)

the drum sounds and resounds
with its uncoordinated rhythms
and inordinate lyrics
librettos of separation
chorales of terrorism
ditties of banditism
and vocalizations of militancy
compound the misguiding symphony

dance with this shredded skin
cover your ripped body
with this blood soaked apparels
dance with the names of your mourning suns
dance calling out for your wanderlust moons
dance with this deep pain, dance
Dance with your sycophant constatation
Consoling with avaricious plights

dance, though you bleed from the dip cut of corruption
maims of tribalism and religious paroxysms
incisions of political imbalance
dance with your dropping blood from fragmented head
dance with your wrecked lips
dance with your eyes blindfolded with bandanna of misery
with your bleeding toes

in deep pain dance
dance with your children with lost future
loitering from pillar to post
dance with your frontrunners dancing like mad men
lacking future and direction
in deep pain dance


Scripted By: Jk Anyanwu

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