DYING IN SILENCE (Rest In Peace #EdyBless)

This pieces piece pisses Peace.
Doctor told story of,
Her numbered flowered days.
The fear of being told Rest In Peace,
And being lowered afar off,
Grabs her firmly like a mother to her offspring.

Cancer like Russia to Ukraine,
Without any iota of sympathy,
Invades her beautiful skin.
Once black, now very green.
Eat deep her innocent breast without empathy,
And washed her intestine clean.

With her last strength, she fought.
Like the war between the sun and the rain.
As she struggled to stay alive.
Solution to her problem she sought.
Yet, all went in vain.
Even with her much thrive.

Many questions bubble through her mind.
Directed to God and nature.
How did it start?
Will I ever be fine?
Questions demanding answers from the saviour.
As she nurtures fear in her heart.

Daily fake smiles.
Tears soaked pillows.
Unanswered prayers.
Her soul travel miles.
And her fears billows.
Life’s insurmountable barriers.

She dies in silence,
Or lived in pretense.

Oh! Cancer
You’re heartless!
Go now and eat the remains,
Of your planned action.
Shame on you and your wickedness.
What then is your gains?
To cut short strong ambitions?

Talk to that friend today.
Today might just be his or her last day.

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