Tips to Consider in Other To Have a Successful Relationship or Marriage

To have a successful relationship or marriage, the following needs to be put into consideration.

1. Mutual love and Respect. The both partner must be sure they both love and respect each other. Just as one leg cannot sustain your weight, so also a one sided love cannot sustain a relationship or marriage. Be sure he/she loves you genuinely before you say “I do”.

2. Commitment and loyalty. The both parties must be committed and be loyal to each other. If you know you can’t be loyal to the person, please don’t marry.

3. Communication. There should be no breach of communication in order to maintain a smooth relationship. Any grey area noticed must be rightly communicated to each other for necessary Correction. Communication plays a huge role in running a successful relationship. A little matter that is not well communicated can ruin a relationship.

4. Willingness to learn and take to corrections. Since the both of them are brought up from different backgrounds, there is certainly going to be some individual differences between them. This can only be resolved if the both of them are willing to learn and take to corrections and make necessary adjustments. Marriage is a union of two imperfect people who are willing to learn from each other for the betterment of themselves.

5. Money. Finance play a huge role in running a home. Money makes marriage glow. As a result of this, the couples needs a steady source of income in order to enjoy a blissful marriage. The love you share might begin to depreciate in the face of lack and penury.

6. Sex. Sex should be the consummation of the the relationship after marriage. It’s for bonding and renewal of the union. As important as it is, It shouldn’t be the first consideration for having a successful marriage. 
Many people clamour for sexual compatibility and neglected compatibility in other aspects of life during courtship, which later led them to a more complex situation after marriage.

7. Emotional consideration. The emotional nature and temperament of the both partners must be studied and understood. This will help prevent a lot of hassles and frictions attached to each temperament. They both should work on their emotions and make necessary adjustments. 
Some people are naturally too emotional and touchy if not properly handled, they might not be a good partner. Some people can make you to always feel guilty due to the way they act and behave, because you will always think that you are at fault or you hurt their feelings. You will always be emotionally indebted to these group of people.

8. Spiritual life. The spiritual state of both parties should be known, so that the stronger person can help and lift up the weaker. Humans are not just made up of body and soul, we have a spirit, which ought to be nourished and cared for in a relationship. It also helps us connect with our maker.

9. Place of worship. It is important the both parties discuss and agree on a common place of worship, that is if they are not members of the same church. This will help avoid some hassles that may be attached to doctrinal beliefs of different denomination. It will also help them bond together spiritually because they will be drinking from the same spiritual cistern. This will also solve the problem of where the children will like to fellowship when they have them.

10. Physical appearance. It is a known fact that some people marry by physical appearance. I am not here to debate whether it is right or wrong neither do I say you should not marry the picture of your idea man or woman. But take note that beauty depreciate and fade with time. If you base all your judgement on physic you might be in for a pleasant surprise or dissatisfaction when the person loose that part or shape you crave for. 
But if you know you don’t appreciate the physic of an individual don’t be forced to marry the person, because you might end up not being proud of the person you marry. No need marrying someone you will not be proud of.

In conclusion, the character, the physic, the emotional, and spirituality qualities you desire may not be wrapped in a single body, but if you are sure that God is leading you, you can walk without fear of stumbling.

Scripted By; Collins Joseph

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