Strong Words to Motivate Your Self

I don’t know what you are passing through in life, I don’t know the situation you find your self instantly, I don’t know the depression, failure and mockery you are going through that makes you feel that you are gone for in life.
I want to charge your efforts this day friday, 16th August that “though time never last but people do”.

No condition is permanent as it’s always said, the hard time you are facing today is preparing you for a better tomorrow, the Bible says that the Egyptian you are seeing today you shall see them no more, you are crying today so that you will have a reason to laugh tomorrow.
They have rejected you today fine, there is nothing to cry about, just believe in your self, believe in your dream and the same people will claim they knew you tomorrow.

One thing you need to know about life is that, life is like a novel.
Each novel that is written and published has its own story lines, and if it’s doesn’t, it means the book is not worth calling a novel.
So imagine you being rich without having a story to tell other people, what do you think will inspire other people about you? Your guess is as good as mine, nothing.

As long as drugs, food and every other things has expiring date, each and every one of us on this planet Earth was created and set for a specific purpose, we all have a pay off day therefore every problems has expiring date too.
Keep building on the faith, keep holding on to your dream, never giving up is the rule of the game, the day you quit is the day you fail, besides you don’t know how close you are to your goal so why quitting?

Don’t start what you would not finish.

Be motivated be inspired.

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