7 Types of FRIENDS/ASSOCIATE you must know before going in for Friendship

1. Mutualism/Symbiosis friendship; this is a type of friendship in which both parties benefits maximally from the friendship. They both contribute their quota towards the betterment of their friendship. 
David and Jonathan is a model of mutualism. This is the most ideal and noblest form of friendship, it is free of envy, animosity and backstabbing. This form of friendship is ideal for everyone that seek to have a friend.

2. Commensal friends; in this form of friendship, only one person benefit, whereas, the other person neither benefit nor get harm from the association. This type of friendship is common among mentor and mentee. E.g Elijah and Elisha. The stronger person, helps makes the weaker a stronger and better person. The person might benefit food, shelter, money or other basic necessities of life from the other friend. 
If you have the power to help or make someone happy, please emulate this type of friendship. The world needs more of that.

3. Parasitic friends; in this form of friendship, the parasitic friend only derive benefits from the association at the expense of the other person. 
The friendship of Judas Iscariot with Jesus is a classical example. 
This type of friend will stop at nothing unless you’re milk dried. 
Alas! Many friendships today falls in this category. This is a selfish and self centered friendship. 
This is not ideal, we should be weary of parasitic friends.

4. Critical friends; this set of friends are so much inclined to finding fault in you. They never see any good in you. All they do is to always nitpick and point your attention to unimportant mistakes. 
They never challenge or encourage you to be a better person. You need to be weary of this set of friends. 
This is not saying that your friends should shy away from constructive criticism to make you better. 
Friends should be encouragers, because the world is saturated with critics already. When you see something good in a person, tell them, It may take some few seconds to say, but it can last a life long.

5. Sycophantic friends; these are “Yes men”, praise singers. They always flatter you with compliments, most especially when they want something from you. To them, you are a paragon. They never tell you the truth about yourself. If you are not weary of this kind of friends, they will goad you into destruction. They are as deadly as the critical friends.

6. Miserable and toxic friends; This set of friends always cause you pains and harm by their actions and inactions. They have this syndrome called “pull him/her down” (PhD).
They are similar to the friends of Job, nothing soothing ever comes from them. Their words are always lethal even in times of challenges and adversity. 
You need to be weary of this set of friends.

Dear whoever is reading this, I hope you X-ray yourself to classify the type of friend you’re.

7. The Perfect friend; And he said “I no longer call you servants… But I have called you friends”. Jesus is the only person that can be a perfect friend. He’s got all it takes to minister to your needs without snitching on you. He is ever ready to be a loyal and faithful friend, all he is waiting for is an invitation from you. Just send a friend request to him by acknowledging your sins and confessing them to him. When you do this, you won his loyalty already. 

What a friend we have in Jesus! He is our sin and burden bearer. 


Scripted By; Collins Joseph

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