I, the citizen owe so much to my motherland
A sense of solidarity is infused at her command
Being endowed with a paragon of potential
In the halls of excitement as I uphold ideal

My country has countless brave hearts
By their peerless words, a glad tiding starts
Greater good that gears our glory up
Hunky-dory is common at every what’s up

The teachings of seers find a universal resonance
In world scenario, my country is a centre of excellence
The echoes of saints’ sermons whet spiritual appetite
In the firmament of eternity, my country is a guiding light

‘Unity in Diversity’ is the beauty of my motherland
With peaceful amity we do march hand in hand
My country unlocks myriad doors of opportunity
‘Service to her’ truly, a selfless dedication in reality

© Mir Samsul Haque
All Rights Reserved

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