Why ME?

Watch it, when the you start brooding over the thought why me? Discouragement is about to set in.

Why me usually begets discouragement,
discouragement begets defeat, defeat begets death.

Discouragement is usually the offspring of many questions and untrue conclusion about an issue.
It is one of the basic tools the devil uses to arm twist or disarm any purposeful individual from achieving a set goal.

Discouragement is a no respecter of persons or class, if you doubt me ask Elijah against Jezebel.

Discouragement literally make you forget the stuffs you are made off, thereby underestimating yourself

When next this subtle question why me? come asking, simply reply so what? there’s nothing new under the sun, many have overcome similar if not tougher challenges. The adversary is only trying to magnify a microscopic situation. Rather than get discouraged, get encourage.

Ask for more grace to wade through…

In all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.


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