There is a monster
Seated in a rock
Sited in the middle of our city
He masterminded our anguis

There is a monster
We armed with our mandates
When he lied he heard our ululations
When he lied with sweet promises
Plentifully empty
We, he mocks with calaboose

There is a monster
We created with our votes
We breathe life with our voices
He is the monster we made

The monster folds his arms
When the blood of those who made him
Sweep the earth
The monster picks his tooth after feasting on the flesh of those who breath life into it
The monster loves the banquet of vultures and shindig of flies dancing on the cadaver of the electorates
The monster we made.

The monster
Dancing to the rythm of our woes
Eulogizing his name from the depris of our grief
He fattens himself with our collective gains,
Leaving our homes in ruins
Where we recite the pledges of our plagues

This monster was the people’s saint
The monster, we called integrity
The monster, we called Messiah
He has made his chair high among the Hawks that devoured the chicks of the nation.
Anyone who confronts his nefariousness
Because a victim of his reckless punition
He is the monster

Scripted By: JK Anyanwu

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