A Missed Call

It is no longer news that the church is becoming worldly and the world is becoming churchy. But one question that begs for an answer is the credibility of the “Call” of some religious leaders.

Without mincing words, I think some of them never received a call or they have missed their call.

Some churches have been turned to halls of entertainment, where comedians and pop stars come to perform. All in the name that the people are stressed out and needed to be eased of their stress. This I find preposterous. If that is what the people need, I think they know where best to get it. Let us keep the church sacred.

Some pastors now sue citizens to court for defamation, others sent bloggers to prison all in the name of being defamed. Please are you protecting your name or that of God? I am not holding brief for this individuals neither am I promoting ill speech against religious leaders. Even Jesus was defamed and he didn’t react as ferocious you are doing now. As a Bible student, I read where he was called a devil and other demeaning names. But I didn’t read where he made bold to sue for defamation. Remember he also made allusions to such happenings to be encountered by his disciples. Please, let us follow the examples of Christ.

Some pastors have become so audacious as to refer to some infallible words of God as little commandant. Thereby, misleading their congregations to believe heresies. Some members now chant the name of their pastors more than the of God.

Some pastors are now demigod, you hear their members chant my “pastor my life”, “the God of my pastor”. Sir, do you have the monopoly of God? Where is now the place and glory of the Almighty God? I guessed you have forgotten about what befell Herod!

Pastors and church leaders now divorce their wives and commit heinous crimes with impunity. Only to quote philosophers to back up their points at the expense of God’s word. Let me made bold to tell you that, it is he who sent you that you quote his words to butress your point. Sir, if your message is centered on philosophy, please go home and sit down, or you better charge your line in prayer. Probably by the grace of God you can be reconnected or receive a second “Call”.

It is all these shenanigans being displayed by some religious leaders that made me query the integrity of the call they claimed to receive.

To everyone of us, let us retrace where we missed our Call.

Proof your Call.

Holiness is still the ticket to heaven.

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