The intent spirit of unity,
with fragrance of interface
That brings diversity together.
Like the meeting of the red and blue watered seas.
Collaboration destroys the evils,
of individuality.
And practically sets pride ablaze.
With its strength and power.
Collaboration is success unnoticed keys.

Flowing streams of a strong bond,
Like the coming together of ACN and CPC.
The birth of unfathomed victory.
Rights completely replacing wrongs.
16years dogma broken in months by APC.
Collaboration is the strength of any community.

One can do it.
Two can do it better.
More can do the best.
With Unity; enemies we defeat.
With Togetherness; like a rock, we remain forever.
With corporation; we all win the race.

Collaboration births teamwork.
Teamwork births Success.
Success births friends.
Two ideas put together with hardwork.
Failure replaced with progress.
Unnumbered cultures it blends.

Collaboration between the whites and the blacks.
Collaboration between the rich and the poor.
Collaboration between Christians and Muslims.
We will have lights in our darks.
And unopen all closed doors.
Collaboration alone can change the system.

Poem By: Odudu-God Ekan

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