Spirit of The Strange Woman

Sunday is usually the most confusing day of the week to me! Reason being that, I find it difficult to differentiate between the professing daughters of Zion and the daughters of Jezebel.

I see professing daughters of Zion in Jezebel appearance, walking with stretch out necks, wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, some wear very high heels that they have to hold unto their friends for support so as not to miss their steps. You almost think they are going for clubbing or a social gathering.

You slay men from Monday to Saturday with your outfits, no thanks, we already know that you’re a slay queen! But you won’t still spare the few that run to the church for refuge on Sunday.

Just the other day I read the post of a guy who had to leave the church just because he wasn’t comfortable with the cloth the girl close to him wore! Many people try to shade him with different comment, but he was been sincere to himself.

Ma’am ‘slay queen‘ you can’t slay men on earth all in the name of looking good and expect to make heaven. Never!

In the words of A. B Simpson

“if God will judge men for lusting, logic demands that He will also judge the women who made them lust”.

A. B Simpson

You claim to be going to church with an outfit and someone passes a comment that you look sexy, hot and cute and you gesticulate with a wide smile and said thank you, and you still go ahead to lift up your filthy hands in the church! knowing fully well that you are a sex object.

I pity the precious souls that you destroyed that day.

I think it’s high time we purge our churches of slay queens, slay mama and all the slayer’s outfit from the pit of hell.

Say No to slay outfits in churches.

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