Qualitative Reasons To Pay Your Tithe

The social media rants on tithing is beginning to irk me. The most irksome part of the whole saga to me, is the relevance the church ministers’ are according to the social media personality that started the saga.

For the records, once you drop either of your tithe or offering in the offering bag, it no longer belongs to you, and whatsoever the church desires to do with it is non of your business.

For those clamouring that the burden of tithing is too much, and that people should stop paying their tithes, because their pastors are living large. I hope they will also ‘hash tag’ that the citizen should stop paying their tax, because it is being looted by the government officials?

For the civil servants, the government does not seek your opinions before she deduct her calculated tax, leaving you with the remaining. And you haven’t thought of demanding what your tax is being used for. Why then do you think twice before paying your tithe? Oh, I guess because God doesn’t force it out of your hand.

Never mind, until God decides to keep the nine portions for himself and gives you the one portion you think it is too big to let go before you learn your lesson.

In conclusion, God is not poor, neither is hungry for him to ask for your tithe and offering.

May I lend my little piece of advice to those in dilemma of tithing, if you still live in sin, or if your source of income is not pure, please, don’t pay tithe, because it is a waste of that resource.

If you think you are born again and your source of income is clean and you refuse to pay your tithe, you are a robber!

Written By: Collins Joseph.

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