Battered And Bruised. – I HATE YOU!

I hate you!
Those days when you raised your sticky filthy hands and left bruises on my face.
With no iota of sympathy, you dragged me yet with stains of blood.
Because I am the woman and you’re the man.
You go telling people how you love me even in strange places.
Like the guitarist to his strings cords.
Yet at home, you turn me into a band.

I hate you!
With pretentious pretends,
You told me manufactured lies,
Of how Miracle was your other cousin,
And Princessbeauty your tagged client.
Those secrets you hided in your well nodded ties.
I dare to call you Satanic Saint.

I hate you!
You talked me into falling in love with you.

Then, I gave you my heart.
I felt for love, I can do anything.
You decorated my fingers with your slavery rings too.
In church, you echoed; in light or dark paths.
Yet, you wouldn’t even allow me blink.

I hate you!
Those nights you legally raped me,
and totally abused my innocence,
Cause I was not in the mode,
You torred my Bra and pants,
Not minding what will be,
You did it without conscience,
Making me a ridicule in the hood.

I hate you!
Your deceptive smiles in the public,
And your frowning face in the closet.
You killed the me in me.
How about your aloud alter promises?
The affirmatives you say on the pulpit?
It was my choice, let it be.
Know one day I will leave your premises.

I hate you!
I may bear your name,
But will never love you again.

Scripted By: Odudu-God Ekan

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