If I were a river

If I were a river

If I were a River
I would love to wash corruption from the blood veins of men
I would flush away the arrogance of race
Sponge the grubbiness of revulsion
Flooding down the wall of tribalism
I will erode the dust of religious rivalry

If I were a river,
I will swallow all resentments and dethrone all spite
If I were to be a river
The leaves of peace will grow by my banks
And the flowers of love will grown on my routes
With the tree of tolerance spreading it’s wings

If I were a river
The thirst of wars would have been quenched with water not blood
The grave of famine would have hosted the worms of fertility

If I were a river
The dew of patience would grow tall
With its roots of perseverance firming its frame to the earth
Spreading the wings of reassurance to all brinks
Every tongue would taste from the goblet of unity

Scripted By: JK Anyanwu

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