What You Need to Know About God

Who is God and Why is he called God?

The creator of the universe he’s the greatest man, the most powerful spirit and the greatest king.

He does not sleep, he is not weak or afraid of caring and providing for his children.

He is a good shepherd, who watches over his sheeps, cares for them and provides for them.

He is up there in heaven, Heaven is far away from earth but in every seconds he is closer to us.

The man who sent his only son (Jesus Christ) to come to the world and die for you and I, to save us from sin and brings us closer to him.

His blood gave women the opportunities to enter into his presence to say something and do something for the glory of God.

He is the greatest Judge, he judge mankind no matter our gender, race, reputation or financial status. He does not discriminate.

A beautiful place is prepared for you and I by this great king for all those that will win the heavenly race, keep and walk according to his commandments.

He deserves our love, thanks, praise, worship, voice, humility, our hearts, our body, our gratitude and our commitment.

This wonderful man is a God of miracle, wonders, divine transformation, break through, connections and a God that brings joy to those that believe in him and accept him as his or her Lord and only saviour.

If you believe in him say


And testimonies will never depart from your house, joy will never escape from your heart, smile will always be on your face.
And the world will
call you,
speak of you,
Announce you,
and take you as their role model.

Scripted By: Blessing Etim

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