ODE IN TRIBUTE (In memory of Prof Pius and others)

Rip body from self!
Till it becomes only, but a shadow;
that strays in the sea of thoughts!
A predator,
lost in the thick forest of thoughts;
Or a wanderer,
with loathsome feelings to return home.

How you wrestle packs of skeletons in a shameful crusade!
Was it only to expose it’s embarrassing nakedness?

How do you want it?
In a sleep, pains, by accident, like a prized wanted?
Only to sell it’s soul into choiced elation or condemnation!
Who can challenge you?

For even the greatest African magician,
Couldn’t summon you for a town slap
Or Ibidu, the world most finest deity,
could seduce you with her beauty;
to offer an antidote to your thirst, in kind.
When in a day I pick a date with you;
I shall mark on your many blood medals
How much I envied you!

Until then!
Let me sit with crosslegs and mourn;
The stealing of Pius Adesanni and others without traces!

Scripted By: Nseobong Edem

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