Letter To You, Friend

Miles across the seas,
Beautiful friendship rainbow connects us,
As care and love direct our steps
These links we need to keep alive
Though halfway our desires may crash
It’s normal and inevitable.

This bright sky could turn stormy,
From a distant dark clouds may rise,
Winds of distrust may blow,
To dampen this colourful rainbow
And our hearts to tear apart
Watch out and be wise!

Maybe it could be pride,
It could be our gender or likes
It could be ego at work
Tempting to awake illusionary class in us,
Building humongous wall between us
That my hello seems too faint for a reply.

This world is a web,
We are all linked to the center
So break not the bridges
And lock not the doors behind you
For some day we could cross paths.
Drop the pride and treat all equally,
Dearest unknown friend
For this world is a village!

Poem By: Purity Onyam

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