Letter To The Orator

When you picture your life and it looks like a mess, you have a bad past, you have a lot of problems that you’re encountering, you’re so unlucky in many things, you’re surrounded by fake friends and haters who are filling your mind with discouraging words you feel like you’re locked in a room where there isn’t any hole to let in light, you’re feeling hurt, discouraged and depressed over some things, you feel like you are useless and you should give up on everything in this world.

But hey, no matter how it looks like, how you are stressed, emotionally hurt and depressed and what people say or talk about you, don’t give up. Just be positive and do the work of PRAYING.

All your struggles, sadness and sweat will yield miracles, joy and happiness with time.

You will fulfill all your dreams, meet the right people and go in the right places you want to be in.
Just know that all what you’re facing now is a test to check your confidence and faith in God.

Be strong in the Lord for all will be well in time.
There’s still hope.
Just never stop believing.

There Is God In Every Man

The Big Dream

Scripted By: Odudu-God Ekan

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