RAPE (Evil Behind the Darkness)

Now I’m counted out of the saint, for forcefully it was taken not even I was beautiful to withstand the agony. I have lost the woman in me.

Please Stop, I don’t want, I’m still a virgin, they refused, not even that they are one in number

My voice echoes loud but non to help, tears couldn’t help me, neither, was i looking for ground to open. The woman in me was crying out loud for help.

I asked my self

Where is my treasure? Why me?

Could this be humanity, where thou the promise I made to my future husband. Where is thy glory. Things has torn black.
Why must I be used as a lesson.

Now that I have lost the woman in me,
They shall pay for it, they shall cry the way I did.

Should I revenge
Or should I wait for karma
For this,
Their offspring will pay for it

I’m now a victim of circumstances

I felt like I have lost my way
Now I can’t resist the feeling anymore
I can’t bear the shame
I’m now a child of the world

Scripted by: Ochia Kas

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