A true hero is not one who triumphs by force or strength, but one who rose from the ashes of defeat and has the ability to continue despite challenges, trials and troubles.

Such a person becomes a guiding light and encouragement to the cast down.

Cowards die many times before their time, but God’s heroes live long after death.

Heroes are not born, they are made, they seize the opportunity to become a hero out of the challenges and trials they encounter in life.

Heroes sets the pace and precedence for others to follow.

They are their own reference point. If you doubt me, ask the heroes of faith in the scriptures.

They all defines their faith, as they all did what no man, dead or alive had ever done.

Heroes sees challenges, trials and tribulations as prices and investment for a better prize, but “Zeroes” sees challenges, trials and tribulations as torture and a waste of resources, so they back out.

Every hero has got a price to pay.

When you find yourself in a quagmire, rather than relapse into a state of melancholy. Choose to pay price and take an exception to that challenge.

That your challenge might just be the needed trigger to shot you to lime light.

I enjoin you to pull the trigger.

Aspiring Hero.

Scripted By: Collins Joseph

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