The Devil I know

As they say ” The Devil you know is better than the Angel you know not” I disagree. For their is also a saying “What you don’t know is bigger than what you know.

I know about a Devil, he was with Angels in heaven, he has a charming and sweet voice but was sent out of heaven because he want to be God. But he can’t.

I know about this devil very well. He knows almost all the Bible verse on earth and whose work is to kill, steal and destroy. This devil works on the part of darkness.

He roars like a lion, yet he’s not. He feeds on Human blood and devourer to good nature. This devil is so toxic. But he will be beaten by the angel they say is better than.

But I know about the Devils residential address where he will stay till internity,
He resides in street 100 of confusion road, lake of hell.


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