On a cozy rainy night
Our bodies cuddled
And our hearts entangled
Then suddenly my thoughts jolted like a zombie
Peeping through momentary windows….

Along the field of past echoes
I behold the dried bones of slain loves
Each lying in shallow grave, unmourned
With hot teary inscribed epitaphs
Telling horrible tales of their demise.

Some in the bud slain
Some in their prime slain
Some in apex slain
Others in thoughtful stages crushed
Never known, never shown!

Jealously slew a thousand,
Infidelity murdered millions
While distance slew hundreds
That died slowly and sluggishly
In the count of time..

Beyond this cemetery,
Flourished a few eternally
They conquered love challenges
Persevering, understanding and enduring..
To this realm I pray mine to reach.

All Copyrights Reserved
Purity Onyam

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