I could remember very well in my secondary school days where they make muckory of me in the class room because I was unable to solve a simple fraction on the board

Tears rolled out from my eyes when my classmates laughed at me at the board, I feel so isolated that I couldn't even have a friend.

But it seems I'm not intelligent.
It was on a good Monday morning in class when a teacher said to me "Nothing good can ever come out of me" the class bursted out in laughter while I bursted out with uncontrollable tears.

It was a great challenge to me, so I said never. Never will I bear this shame anymore. Some make it in class room while others make it in life.

I stood by my words, I read more harder. And it was years later, after all in our secondary school life, not all that glitters are gold. I now lectures their children in the university.

Written By: Ochia Kaz

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