TITUS: Guy how E dey be, u get laptop I wan start to dey press. 
Me I wan buy Benz, If i no make am waiting I gain.
TITUS say school nah scam

Now JOMBO don join TITUS for the Yahoo business because Titus don buy Benz.
And now JOMBO don dey press with 5 fingers

They don travel go Ghana don dey press,
Now JOMBO don use her girlfriend pant go buy Benz they flex.
JOMBO nah senior man for the yahoo business,

See me see trouble, EMEKA don join too, Emeka don drop school say nah yahoo him wan do.
EMEKA start yahoo business for morning, the next morning EFCC catch am.
Him never pick.

TITUS and JOMBO don run.
Dem don sentence EMEKA to death.
You dey do Yahoo
You dey do Yahoo
You don pick.

#Say no to cyber crime.

Scripted in pigin Language by our resource person Ochia, Divine Kas

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