The Man Who Wanted To Get More Than His Share

Once upon a time, there was a man who was regarded as the greatest soldier of his time. He went from one country to another and conquered all the people in the land. In the end, he became master of not less than two thousand cities and towns.

In the course of time, however, the great warrior became very old. When he was about to die, he called his son and gave him a magic drum. The drum had the power of bringing about whatever he desired.

All that he had to do was to struck the drum lightly and say to it, “o magic drum, lift me up, lift up and at the same time say whatever he wishes or desired to happen.

The dying warrior then told his son all about the power of the beautiful magic drum. He revealed to him that I’d success in all wars he had to fight were due to the power of the beautiful magic drum. The young man was filled with admiration and accepted the gift gladly.

Soon after the old warrior died and his son did everything possible to give him a most befitting burial.

In those days, only men who had distinguished themselves in war could be appointed big chiefs. But in consideration of the great deeds which the guest warrior had done, his son was proclaimed a chief of a lower rank. But this lower position was by no means as attractive as the young chief would wish. He wanted to be one of the most senior chiefs in the community.

He therefore decided to make use of his beautiful magic drum: so that he could climb to the top.

He took his drum and while beating it he said,

o magic drum, lift me up, lift me up so that I may become higher in rank than I am at present”.

The following morning the chief who was in rank to the young chief died.

The warrior’s son was promoted to take his place. The greedy young man continued to go from one rank to the other by means of his beautiful drum.

Son he became king of the whole country. But he was still not satisfied; he wanted to be the greatest and the wisest king on earth.

Again he used his beautiful magic drum. He expressed his desire to the greatest and the most powerful king in the world. This time, however, his beautiful magic drum react differently.

The over-ambitious chief was not lifted up. Instead he was pull down, all the people in the town rose against him, seized him, beat him up and hanged him on a tree.

He called on the people and said:

“Come and see the end of someone who was never satisfied. Learn from someone who was greedy and had no contentment in his life”.

Soon after, the wicked king bowed his head and his eyes were closed in death.


This story teaches us that, much as we should aim high, we should never aim at getting to the top by Evil means.

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