No Be My Fault

 No be my fault
Say I dey think about you like Jamb result,
Say I dey dream about you like no other,
Say na you I dey see like my children mother….

If I dey look you too much,
If I dey call you too much
No be my fault, na love
Wer make me dey see you like my dove.

If I dey reason like a lover dover
Abeg no take am to be over
Na your love na im cos am
And like me, make you reason am.

I climb mount Everest
Just to show you say you be my dearest,
I for like make you give me your heart
So that I go draw my name in lovely art.

If I dey say all these things
Na because say you be my everything
So e no be my fault,
Na love fault.

This poetry is scripted and translated using ‘Pigin Language

By: Purity Onyam

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