A Successful Cocoa Farmer

I grow all my own plants from seeds. First of all, I prepare shelters over the nursery beds, which are situated near a stream. Too much sun harms young cocoa plants. I usually make the shelters from branches and palm fronds.

Then, I plant my seeds. I usually have a few extra seeds, which I sell to other farmers. I water them regularly.

After six (6) months, when the plants are about thirty-five (35cm) high, I move them from the nursery beds to the main farm. I usually do this in about April or May, after the March rains.

Protecting the young trees from the sun is a major problem and I usually plant cassava, plantain or cocoa yam around them. We eat most of the food, but some, I sell.

Some farmers allow their trees to flower after three (3) years, to get a quick harvest. But i fine it is better to remove the flowers, to allow the young trees to grow stronger. I expect my first harvest after five (5) years. I find out that with this method, most of my trees produce fruits for thirty (30) years or more.

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