As I lay on my thoughtful bed,
Oceans of tears drowning my pillows,
My soul wandered slowly
Like a dizzy cloud into fantasy.

Heaven came down;
Stars of misfortunes died;
So a new earth sprouted
Streams of sorrows dried up;
And fountains of joy flowed like rivers.

In my fantasy,
I walked on the streets of perfect peace
Love filled every heart;
Man's thoughts became crystal pure
And man wore the garment of righteousness

In my fantasy,
Oppression and enslavement ceased;
Songs of freedom resound the earth
And peace and harmony ruined hatred.

In my fantasy,
Love for God overshadowed
The quest for religious superiority;
Racism and ethnicity vanished
And universal humanity blossomed;
Power and fame gave way to equity.

In my fantasy,
World's arsenals and forts
Became peace banquet halls;
War and terrorism withered
Peace and tranquility flourished.

In my fantasy,
Disasters and epidemics became novel tales;
Sickness and death became myths and folktales
So in my fantasy,
The earth was a better aboard!
Inked By: Purity Onyam

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