SUNDAY MUSINGS (July 7th, 2019)

Last week in Nigeria was an editor’s delight. No good editor in any media would be at wits end to earn a front page story or sensational headline! The hackneyed promises of security and fighting graft in public life were temporarily eclipsed by Ruga and sex scandal in holy places.

Ruga, until it was “suspended” , further pushed the beleaguered country to precipice. It was another opportunity for centrifugal forces to emphasize that Nigeria is still a “geographical expression”. If there’s any lesson President Mohammadu Buhari (PMB) should learn from the Ruga saga, it is the reality that intentions (overt or covert) are no more enough to excite and incite Nigerians to buy into our present matrix of nationhood.

And next came the scandal on the upwardly mobile and urbane Pentecostal preacher, Pastor Biodun of COZA. The story line is that a female member of the church, after 20 years, remembered that the Pastor allegedly raped her. She is also yet to remember why she concealed such ” crime ” for two decades!

The baffling angle to the story is that barely 48 hours after the ‘scandal’ was made public, some women turned up in branded T- shirts at the church on Sunday in Abuja to picket members and disrupt worship. It is not my intention to descend into the arena on this ‘holy impasse’ but to pose an innocuous question: when did a criminal offence (rape) become an industrial issue to permit picketing of members instead of arrest of the suspect?

Then came our slapping young senator Elisha Abbo and his apology! But wait a minute, where did he assault the lady? Some say it was inside one ‘adult’ shop, while others say the incident happened in a ‘Sex toy ‘ shop in Abuja.

Please I need to be updated on the locus in quo of the incident before comment(s)!

Scripted By: Innocent Okon Snr

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