They will all come like an Oracle
Spreading across; their tentacles
For their own gains
Promise to take away our pains
Bulk of manufacture lies
They said we have heard their cries.

With well printed banners
A plot to deceive our fathers
They natch through the streets
With two hands they offer to greet
Only if we decide to tour their path.

Politicians everywhere are the same
All they yearn for is a little more fame
They gave their 1 and take our 10
Leaving us helpless on life's fence
They proudly declare; they are commoners!
They very people at the street corners.

Oh! You politician
Forget not your journey to the sand
Build the ruins of our nation
And completely shun corruption
Whether APGA, PDP or APC
dividends of democracy we want to see.
Inked By: Odudu-God Ekan

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